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Are there any huge penalties for dying? I wouldn't desire to screw up what's been completed up to now.

Watch out for the stragglers. Even by far the most nicely dexed fighters pass up. Highest hit share is 95%. Every so often you'll have only one mob or two near lifeless or simply only 50 % lifeless. Be looking out for these mob and strike them down speedy. Maybe you have needed to pot a time or two presently and you also are actually managing on pot timers, you could’t mend, don’t operate, just strike quick, They're presently hurting and the final survivor, leave no survivors.

Standard: Have 0 slots for lapis, and might usually be bought from merchants in many towns which can be mentioned below. If you will get some from mobs you can not use, I like to recommend just offering them to an NPC, most gamers will never bother shopping for them.

HM/UM AoE grinder – 2H sword. They’ll Allow you utilize all of the large five AoEs, furthermore the L45 epic is usually a 2H, and one you should use until eventually like fifty three+ unless you’re loaded.

Note3: For apparent motives, the record beneath is incluside, although not unique. I’ve finished my greatest with it, and can continue on to update as I'm able to.

Legend: Drops within the manager on the highest amount of Maitreyan, Ankylul. This boss is needed for the extent forty three epic quest, so farming him is towards the rules of Shaiya and could lead to a ban.

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Luck: Each and every five points improves your vital hit % by one%. In addition, it enhances the injury you offer on the crucial hit, and marginally cuts down the possibility of opponents critical hitting you.

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At The underside of D2 is Kimuraku – a manager who drops L1 elemental lapis. Sky City is actually a portal in the middle of the map, higher than the huge tree. This space is for stage 58+ only and consists of some pretty strong mobs.

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